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Birthdate:Jul 3
Website:my icon community
If you ever want to send me any vgifts, please only send the free ones or the charity ones. NO regular vgifts, thank you! :)

My icon community is exclu_silly, so there's no need to friend my personal lj if you're only looking for icons. :)

I also run two icontests: you_choose_ic and nextpicture, and I'm a mod at womenverse.

The list of my favorite fandoms, characters and relationships is HERE.


the Janeway to my Seven / the Snow to my Ruby / the Alice to my Shane / the Katee to my Tricia (and the other way round) / the EVERYTHING

the Kara to my Arya
the Ana Lucia to my Sawyer
the Claire to my Hurley
the Jacob to my Locke
the Xander to my Dawn
the Willow to my Dawn
the Kaylee to my Mal
the Jodi to my Shane


I mod womenverse.

I'm on:

TEAM HEARTS at gameofcards

TEAM WITNESSES at sleepyhollowlnd


[no sig tag yet]
TEAM COLONIAL ONE at twelvecolonies

(I used to be on TEAM GALACTICA at twelvecolonies, behold the shiny sig tags.)

TEAM SUBTEXT at femslashverse (old name: femslash_land)

TEAM BUFFY at whedonland/wlreunion

TEAM DRAMA LLAMAS at [community profile] thefandomzoo (dreamwidth)

TEAM FOURTH WALL at tvholics

TEAM BIRDS OF PREY at [community profile] theaviary (dreamwidth)

TEAM SEAHORSE at the_deepbluesea


TEAM OTHERS at lost_land


TEAM PHOENIX at fantasyverse

TEAM ANTI-HERO at scifiland

TEAM SQUID at ohanythinggoes

TEAM OCEANIC at jjverse

TEAM DRAMA at fandomverse

TEAM SCI FI at tvdramaland

(I used to be on TEAM FAMILY at tvdramaland, behold the shiny sig tags :D)

TEAM EARTH at universe_the

(I used to be on TEAM AIR at universe_the, behold the shiny sig tags.)

+ landcomms that are not closed, but I left them:

TEAM POP ART at landofart


TEAM SWAN at onceuponaland

TEAM BUNNY EARS at tv_universe

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by me

by adamas

by me

by ar_feinieliii





Christian Serratos






iam_the Ana Lucia Cortez of livejournal

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