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If we have talked before and/or I know who you are (for example from a landcomm), you don't have to comment here, unless you want to. Just add me and I'll add you back. :D

If we haven't talked before (including in a community/someone else's journal or somewhere outside of lj), please comment here before or after you add me. I will most likely add you back! :)

I don't post icons here. If you're only interested in my icons, I post them at [profile] exclu_silly, and for some of my other graphics you can check out my photobucket.

(everything is listed very roughly in order of how much I love/like them)

No longer airing:
Lost. Star Trek: Voyager. Battlestar Galactica. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Avatar: The Last Airbender. The L Word. Firefly. Dead Like Me. Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Magical Girl Raising Project. Being Erica. Birds of Prey. Dollhouse. The Legend of Korra. Angel. The Secret Circle. Terra Nova. Young Americans. Wonderfalls.

Currently airing:
Orphan Black. The 100. Stranger Things. Orange Is the New Black. Sense8. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Supergirl.

I'm currently discovering or catching up on:
Call the Midwife. The Vampire Diaries. Skins. Sam & Cat. RWBY. Babylon 5. Sleepy Hollow. Longmire. Community. Game of Thrones. Dark Matter. Elementary. Agents of SHIELD. The Walking Dead. American Horror Story. True Blood. Friday Night Lights. 30 Rock. Farscape. Misfits. Pretty Little Liars. Alphas. Defiance. Teen Wolf. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Haven. Nashville. Raising Hope. Suburgatory. Sugar Rush. Being Human. Stargate SG-1. The Good Wife. Warehouse 13. Hart of Dixie. Glee. Popular. Primeval. Homeland. Revolutionary Girl Utena. Scream Queens. 2 Broke Girls. Last Resort. Heroes. Merlin. Fringe.

I used to watch, but I stopped:
The Fosters. Once Upon a Time.

Lost: Locke. Ana Lucia. Rose. Shannon. Danielle. Walt. Hurley. Eloise. Claire. Libby. Alex. Kate. Eko. Desmond.

Star Trek: Voyager: Seven. Naomi. Janeway. B'Elanna. Tuvok. Kes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra: Toph. Jinora. Iroh. Katara. Zuko. Ty Lee.

Orange Is the New Black: Suzanne. Rosa. Poussey. Brook. Big Boo. Taystee. Norma. Daya. Claudette. Pennsatucky. Tricia. Janae. Sister Ingalls. Nicky.

Battlestar Galactica: Kara. Cally. Kat. Dee. Boomer. Six. Hera. Laura. Gaius.

The L Word: Shane. Jodi. Papi. Max. Tasha.

Firefly: Kaylee. River. Zoe. Saffron. Inara. Mal.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Dawn. Lorne. Harmony. Anya. Faith. Cordelia. Gunn. Tara. Xander. Connor. Kendra. Buffy.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash. Princess Luna. Scootaloo. Granny Smith. Applejack. Fluttershy.

The 100: Octavia. Indra. Becca. Anya. Charlotte. Raven. Clarke. Maya.

Orphan Black: Helena. Gracie. MK. Siobhan. Kira. Gemma. Sarah. Cosima. Beth.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyoko. Homura.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Nemurin. Tama. Ripple. Hardgore Alice. Swim Swim. Winterprison. Top Speed. Sister Nana.

Stranger Things: Eleven. Joyce. Nancy. Dustin.

Sam & Cat: Cat. Sam.

Sense8: Amanita. Sun. Kala. Riley. Nomi. Grace. Daniela.

Sleepy Hollow: Jenny. Abbie. Macy.

Community: Abed. Britta.

Birds of Prey: Dinah. Barbara. Helena.

Supergirl: Kara. Alex.

Call the Midwife: Sister Monica Joan.

Babylon 5: Ivanova. Delenn.

Dollhouse: Sierra. Echo.

Longmire: Vic. Cady. Henry.

True Blood: Tara. Lafayette. Luna. Jessica. Adilyn. Pam.

Dead Like Me: Reggie. Betty. George. Roxy. Kiffanyā€ˇ. Delores.

Game of Thrones: Arya. Daenerys. Sansa. Catelyn. Brienne. Sam. Bran.

Farscape: Chiana. Aeryn. Zhaan. Jool. Pilot. Noranti.

Defiance: Irisa.

The Secret Circle: Faye. Jane. Melissa.

Terra Nova: Maddy. Mira. Zoe. Elizabeth. Skye.

Once Upon a Time: Ruby. Emma. Grumpy. Anton. Jack. Nova. Henry. Mulan.

The Fosters: Callie. Mariana. Daphne. Tia. Jude. Emma.

Young Americans: Jake.

Being Erica: Sarah. Lenin. Doctor Naadiah. Kai. Julianne.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron. Sarah.

The Vampire Diaries: Lexi. Bree. Bonnie. Vicki. Jeremy.

Misfits: Kelly. Curtis.

Last Resort: Cortez.

The Walking Dead: Carol. Michonne. Maggie. Andrea.

Wonderfalls: Jaye. Mahandra. Heidi. Sharon.

American Horror Story: Violet. Addie. Moira. Hayden.

Glee: Brittany. Beiste. Burt. Tina. Becky. Sue. Lauren. Santana. Mercedes. Quinn.

Fringe: Astrid.

(This list does NOT mean I ship the following pairings romantically. The only relationship I would call a "ship" is Janeway/Seven, and even that isn't what most of the fandom would mean by "ship". This list means that I either like their interactions on the show or I would have liked their interactions if they actually interacted.)

Star Trek: Voyager: Janeway/Seven. Seven/Naomi. Janeway/Naomi. Janeway/Kes. Seven/Tuvok. Seven/B'Elanna.

Lost: Shannon/Locke. Rose/Locke. Claire/Danielle. Ana Lucia/Emma/Zack. Locke/Eko. Ana Lucia/Sawyer. Rose/Charlie. Locke/Charlie. Shannon/Walt. Claire/Sawyer. Shannon/Sawyer. Libby/Hurley. Claire/Kate. Rose/Bernard. Claire/Locke. Danielle/Sayid. Shannon/Boone. Shannon/Sayid. Claire/Shannon. Claire/Ana Lucia. Shannon/Ana Lucia. Ana Lucia/Christian. Ana Lucia/Eko. Locke/Boone. Locke/Jack. Rose/Jack. Ana Lucia/Locke. Ana Lucia/Sayid. Ana Lucia/Goodwin. Alex/Claire. Alex/Danielle.

Orphan Black: Helena/Gracie. Helena/Kira. Helena/Siobhan. Helena/Sarah. Helena/Gemma. Sarah/Siobhan. Kira/Cosima.

The 100: Octavia/Indra.

Orange is the New Black: Pennsatucky/Big Boo. Poussey/Taystee.

Sense8: Sun/Kala. Sun/Riley. Riley/Capheus. Nomi/Amanita.

Firefly: Kaylee/Inara. Kaylee/Mal. Zoe/Mal. River/Mal. River/Book. Inara/Saffron.

Battlestar Galactica: Kara/Kat. Kara/Dee. Kara/Gaius. Kara/Gaius/Six. Six/Gaius. Kara/Six. Kara/Laura.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Scootaloo/Rainbow Dash. Apple Bloom/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle. Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash. Sweetie Belle/Rarity.

The Fosters: Callie/Mariana. Jude/Connor.

Once Upon a Time: Ruby/Emma. Emma/Henry. Ruby/Mary Margaret (Red/Snow). Ruby/Ashley. Ruby/Belle. Nova/Grumpy.

The L Word: Shane/Shay. Shane/Alice. Shane/Jodi. Shane/Papi.

BtVS/AtS: Dawn/Tara. Dawn/Clem. Dawn/Spike. Cordelia/Harmony. Cordelia/Willow. Dawn/Buffy. Dawn/Xander. Joyce/Giles. Willow/Xander. Lilah/Wesley. Harmony/Spike. Faith/Buffy. Cordelia/Buffy.

Terra Nova: Maddy/Zoe. Maddy/Skye.

Community: Abed/Troy.

True Blood: Tara/Lafayette. Tara/Naomi.

Farscape: Aeryn/Chiana. Chiana/Jool. Aeryn/Zhaan.

Longmire: Vic/Cady.

Game of Thrones: Arya/Sansa. Daenerys/Sansa. Arya/Ned. Arya/Forel. Jon/Sam.

Dollhouse: Sierra/Victor.

The Walking Dead: Andrea/Michonne. Andrea/Amy. Carol/Daryl.

Fringe: Astrid/Walter.

The Secret Circle: Faye/Melissa. Faye/Diana.

Glee: Sue/Becky. Brittany/Santana.

crossover relationships: Octavia/Toph/Seven (The 100/Avatar/ST Voyager). Kara/Shane (BSG/The L Word). Ana Lucia/Michonne (Lost/TWD). Chiana/Sarah (Farscape/Orphan Black). Helena/Sister Monica Joan (Orphan Black/Call the Midwife). Jool/Shannon (Farscape/Lost). Kara/Seven (BSG/ST Voyager). Dawn/Mariana (BtVS/The Fosters). Shane/Seven (The L Word/ST Voyager). Arya/Kara (GoT/BSG). Arya/Ruby (GoT/OUaT). Ana Lucia/Kara (Lost/BSG). Brittany/Abed (Glee/Community). Ana Lucia/Luna (Lost/True Blood). Dawn/Kara (BtVS/BSG). Dawn/Tara (BtVS/True Blood). Ruby/Callie (OUaT/The Fosters). Faith/Sawyer (BtVS/Lost). Faith/Kara (BtVS/BSG). Jessica/Shannon (True Blood/Lost). Kara/Ruby (BSG/OUaT). Ana Lucia/Emma (Lost/OUaT). Emma/Sawyer (Lost/OUaT).
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